The operating platform distributed in buildings

Manage building and its data throughout life cycle



The operating platform distributed in buildings
Manage building and its data throughout life cycle


Smart building made easy

OASIS platform manages your building’s comfort, energy and activity data to provide the best experience to the people living in the building in terms of comfort, security, energy performance, day-to-day and throughout all its life cycle.

Build relevant interfaces for building managers, as well as specific applications for end-users thanks to our complete API/SDK tools, including artifical intelligence and machine learning-based features.

Digital Autonomy

Your building doesn’t “break down” in case of internet shutdown.

Sense, store and compute locally: don’t make your building dependent on a remote cloud.

Collect, protect and access your building data the right way with a fully standard IP-based solution.

Ready for dynamic building model

OASIS is interoperable with BIM (Building information modeling) IFC standard.

Thus, OASIS can have leverage on building topology and equipments to provide contextual intelligence. BIM integration make OASIS a great tool for building lifecycle management.


QARNOT designs for OASIS standard application modules for Facility Management. Specific modules dedicated to building operator and manager can be added.

OASIS integrates your sensors: it can be connected to the Qarnot devices, but also to third-party sensors and systems.

OASIS is a real operating system for the building : it provides intuitive tools for building automation, and creates an ideal environment for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.



Manage your real estate 
with a single platform



Contextualize your data in space


Access relevant information
with dedicated applications

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OASIS is the first Operating System for buildings. It allows to integrate the BIM model via an IFC export. This building model transfer is fluid, seamless, instantly. The new inputs from Architects and project management can be updated continuously. This building operating system allows the project owner to use fully all data from the BIM model : surfaces, functionnalities, performances, and so on. It’s up to him to create its control, management and exploitation applications.

– President and co-founder
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This project has been cofunded by the European Union for 480 540,90€ by Région Ile de France European Regional Development Fund.

QARNOT computing everywhere
QARNOT computing everywhere