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Qarnot designed and operates the Q.rad, the first computing heater using embedded microprocessors as heat source. Totally silent, it gets computing instructions through the Internet. The heat produced by computing provides then free and efficient heating for residential, office and public buildings. Qarnot offers a cloud computing service through a fully distributed infrastructure where computing power is deployed no longer in concentrated data centers, but split throughout the city in the form of Q.rads.

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phone_iphoneRemote control

lock_outlineIntrusion detection

person_pin_circleFamily member recognition

wifiDynamic Wifi

cloud_queueAir quality monitoring

flash_onEnergy consumption monitoring

No more need for a hundred small devices working on battery. Present in every room, The Q.rad integrates more than 20 sensors and interfaces in a single elegant device. Make your building safer and more comfortable, and make it easy.

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Based in Paris, the Qarnot team counts 27 people. The company innovation has won several awards in national and international competitions.

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