The first computing heater

A revolutionary fusion of an electrical
heater and a high performance computing server.


The first

We bring intelligence into buildings


Free & green heating

Have you ever noticed that your personal computer was producing heat while processing tasks? At Qarnot, we decided to take advantage of this waste heat to deliver it directly to buildings. Qarnot designed the QH-1, the first computing heater embedding microprocessors as a heat source and connected to the Internet.

The QH-1 is a smart and connected digital heater, fusion of an electrical heater and a high-performance computing server.

High quality soft heat

We heat with computers. The heat is a by-product of workload processing.
Avoiding the use of cooling systems makes the QH-1 a 100% sustainable heating solution.
The QH-1 is a system with high inertia and produces a high quality “soft” heat, as opposed to electrical convectors. The heat produced is homogeneous and stable, distributed evenly throughout the room, ensuring maximum comfort and a gentle feeling comparable to that of central heating.
A QH-1 can heat up a 150 to 300 sq. feet room in a building meeting modern isolation standards.

Smart features

Monitor your home with a single app. With your Home by Qarnot mobile app, manage your heating system, and modify each QH-1 temperature individually.

Your app allows you to centralize and control remotely other equipments such as smart bulbs or connected meters, sensors and switches.


Materials & engineering

Qarnot transformed radiators with transitional and innovative design. The creation of the Q.rad was driven by a exacting vision for the highest standards of heating and engineering. The neat black aluminum monoblock dissipator embodies the high-quality soft heat of the Q.rad. It’s capped off by a unique crafted shelf available in different high-end materials (wood, Corian®, concrete).

The simplest
smart home experience.


Remote control

Intrusion detection


Air quality monitoring

Energy consumption monitoring

With their mobile app

Home by Qarnot

QH-1 users are able to :

  • monitor their heating system on the go and set the right temperature of each Q.rad individually
  • start making energy savings easily thanks to a real-time access to electricity and water consumptions
  • monitor air quality indications : your QH-1 will send a notification when the room needs fresh air
  • control other connected appliances : smart lights, meters or switches
  • get notified if their QH-1 computing heaters detect an unknown presence at home while they are away, with the “safe mode”

Users will also be able to access Internet through Wi-Fi on their QH-1, and charge their phone just by putting it on the Q.rad shelf with Wireless charging.

These features can be customized on-demand.



Achieved installations




Technical Specifications

Dimension65×62.5×15 cm
Weight33 kg
MaterialsWood shelf
Anodized aluminum heatsink
Noise0 dB
Connections110/230V AC
RJ45 Ethernet
SensorsTemperature, CO2, humidity, luminosity, pressure, COV
InterfacesCapacitive touch
Mobile App
CommunicationWi-Fi (low speed)
Gigabit Ethernet
Computing3 computing units (AMD Ryzen 7)


Owner and operator

  • Green heating system
  • Free maintenance and replacement every 5 years
  • Open platform, compatible with most used Smart Home solutions (Homekit, Nest, EnOcean…)
  • Integration with your Building Management System


Building occupants

  • Free heat
  • Green heat
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smart features accessible through a mobile app
    • Home by Qarnot for inhabitants (residential buildings)
    • Specific apps on-demand for hotels, hospitals, …
This project has been cofunded by the European Union for 480 540,90€ by Région Ile de France European Regional Development Fund.

You are real estate developer or company, local authority, engineering company, architect, building owner ?

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