Frequently Asked Questions – crypto heater QC-1

Is the QC-1 available in the USA/Canada? For how much?

Yes! We will be shipping the QC-1 worldwide. For the US and Canada, it will cost 2900€ (3600$ at current USD/EUR rate), excluding VAT and shipping fees of $300.

When will I receive my QC-1?

On March 20th we will launch our first production batch with the orders already made. Units from this first batch will be delivered as of June 20th. Of course, you will still be able to order your QC-1 after March 20th, but you’ll probably need to wait a bit longer…

How can 2 GPUs become a heater?

Everyone can tell, from its own experience, that computers generate heat. Qarnot takes advantage of this by using this waste heat to warm flats and offices. Qarnot has been heating buildings with computers’ waste heat for years.
However, the QC-1 is special because it integrates GPUs, and is dedicated to mining. It is a BtoC product (you mine your own crypto) ; whereas the Q.rad, our historical product (1000 units deployed in France), integrates CPUs and is dedicated to third party computations (banks, 3D animation..). It is a BtoB product.

Is 650W enough to warm my room?

We estimate that a QC-1 can heat a 20qm room. Isolation and ceiling height are obviously factors to take into consideration as well.
QC-1 generates a high-quality soft heat : you need less power than with a more “classic” electricity heater.

Any warranty for my QC-1?

Yes, you have a 1 year warranty. However, we don’t guarantee QC-1s once the enclosure is opened.

What do I need to install my QC-1?

All you need is an electric plug and an internet box, and ten minutes !

What do I need to do to set up my QC-1 so it can mine?

The QC-1 is a ready-to-mine heater!
1) plug it to the electrical outlet
2) connect it to the internet
3) enter your crypto-wallet address in the mobile App (if you don’t have one, you can create one in seconds on dedicated websites).
… Done ! Your QC-1 is already mining and heating your room!
Further details will be provided in a beginners’ guide delivered with the QC-1.

Can I choose the crypto-currency I want to mine?

In a first instance, the QC-1 is set up to mine the most profitable crypto among three assets configured. Currently, Ethereum is the most cost-effective currency.
We will provide updates to adapt your crypto-heater to market evolutions.
If, for any reason, you prefer mining another cryptocurrency, and you are comfortable with coding, we will provide a GitHub deposit so you can access the QC-1 GPUs.

Why do I need an App to use my heater?

The App we developed enables you to monitor your mining efficiency, to adapt the power of your heater and to follow the cryptocurrency trends.

What is the booster-mode?

The QC-1 embeds 2 resistors that can provide more heat in case of extreme cold. The IT provides 450W and the resistors an additional 200W.

Can I pay in ETH or BTC?

We are working on it and will provide a solution to this in the coming days.

I have an unanswered question…

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