Computing Boiler system

Modular computing boiler
for smart and efficient buildings



Computing Boiler system

Modular computing boiler
for smart and efficient buildings


Energy efficiency

Each QB-1module effectively cools IT with purpose built cold plate retrieving more than 80% of the heat generated by IT computing in the water circuit.
QB-1 also increases efficiency by retrieving waste heat generated by power supply units.

Qarnot hardware and firmware embedded in QB-1 regulates computing power accordingly to heat and temperature constraints.


QB-1 system is made of :
– externalized energy circuits for power input and heat extraction
– IT modules embedding up to 2kW of computing nodes (CPUs or GPUs).

QB-1 modules are designed for easy installation, maintenance and scalability up to 100 kW per system.

CAPEX/OPEX efficiency

QB-1 system architecture optimizes infrastructure and operating costs out of computing hardware. Casing and cooling solutions are designed for simplicity, robustness and modularity .

By reducing up to 78% the carbon footprint of computations and heating, QB-1 system allow you to improve both your costs and energy efficiency according to your computing and/or heating needs.


“The computing boiler is the result of 4 years of research and development by the Qarnot team. When we started working on the concept of heating buildings with computers in 2010, our main objective was to achieve two challenges : design a hardware that would really heat a room with microprocessors, and design a software platform that would allow us to manage this extra-ordinary infrastructure. The computing boiler is the natural next step of our project. It allows our clients to run a larger set of applications, because of its higher computing power density. It also meets a different need in hot water, complementary to our traditional heater.

But we especially insist on installation, utilization and maintenance simplicity. Our innovation is very different from products derived from data center industry cooling technologies, that need to meet demanding and numerous requirements. Our philosophy is “compute anywhere” : indeed, we believe that we will need more and more IT infrastructure, closer to the users. The huge interest for Edge computing this year is a relevant sign of this trend. 

Simplicity, modularity, have always been key values to our design process: we want our products to be sustainable.”

Paul BENOIT, CEO of Qarnot computing



Each QB-1 module embeds 2 kW of computing power.
Embedded IT can be customized to your needs. For instance: 18 AMD RYZEN CPUs or 6 CPUs + 12 GPUs.

Heat generated by each QB-1 module is converted into :
> 85% HOT WATER over 60°C
< 15% HOT AIR over 45°C



Easy installation and maintenance

  • Suitable for a great variety of rooms and buildings, thanks to its light weight and dimensions
  • Runs with domestic water circuit
  • Easy to manipulate by a single operator

Easily scalable

  • Modules can be add up instantaneously, one by one, with a maximum of 50 modules (100kW of computing power)
  • The Q.ware software platform, managing IT workloads, integrates easily new components

Powered by


Developed by Qarnot, the Q.ware platform dynamically and securely distributes computations through the optimal infrastructure in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

Fully automated, the Q.ware platform is in charge of:
• Optimal computing node selection
• Node boot and container loading
• Input data distribution
• Output results collection
• Job management and scheduling

This system is used today by major French banks, computer graphics companies, and research institutions.


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This project has been co-funded by Bpifrance and European Union under Eurostars framework

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QARNOT computing everywhere