Make your
building smart

With more than a heating system

Home by Qarnot

Monitor & control your home with a single app

With Home by Qarnot mobile app, you can monitor your heating system on the go and set the right temperature of each Q.rad individually.

Beyond heating, the app allows you to control other connected appliances such as smart lights, meters or switches, and enjoy an all-in-one smart home solution.

Wi-Fi roaming

Installed in every room, Q.rads create a powerful meshed network in your home or building. Connect seamlessly to the Internet via the nearest Q.rad.

Intrusion notification

With the “safe mode”, the app notifies you if your Q.rads detect an unknown presence at home while you are away. The notifications are based on Q.rads sensors fusion (motion, noise, light…) and optional Enocean devices (door/window contacts, handles, occupancy sensors,…).

Family member recognition

Home by Qarnot settings allow you to pair smartphones with Q.rad ecosystem. Be notified or see at a glance if your children are back home.

Air quality monitoring

Stop worrying about your air quality. 

The Q.rad notifies you with a gentle blink and an app
notification when your room needs fresh air.

Energy consumption monitoring

Whether you are a Q.rad user or a building operator, our user-friendly interface gives you real-time access to your electricity and water consumption.

Online or on your app, keep a track record of your consumptions and your air quality over time, and start to improve the efficiency and comfort of your building.

For every type of building


Make you life easier and ensure a living place safer, more comfortable, and smart by essence


Upgrade your office building with an evolutive and energy-efficient solution

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